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Exchange Buy Rate(+Fees) Sell Rate(-Fees) Trade Currency Trading Fees
Bithumb 0.0022021978021978 0.0022075055187638 ETH0.15
Bittrex 0.00220969045 0.002198579775 ETH0.25
HitBTC 0.00222222 0.0021978 ETH0.1
BITSANE 0.002244447125 0.002204475 ETH0.25
Binance 0.00221483262 0.0022059918 ETH0.1
OKEx 0.00221529174 0.00219956206 ETH0.2
*Data gets updated every 10 seconds.

Arbitrage Opportunities after Trading Fees

*Data gets updated every 60 seconds.
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